Course: INF 398R

The Master's Report is a substantive, publishable-quality paper synthesizing a domain or area of investigation that demonstrates familiarity with major concepts and issues in a theoretical and rigorous manner. Topics may include concepts, theories, and research relevant to the field of interest to the student and approved by the faculty supervisor and likely will entail an exploration of problems and professional activities emerging from a student's program of study.

The Master's Report provides an opportunity to:

  • Develop greater understanding of a topic related to the field
  • Explore problems and issues encountered during studies that require in-depth review and analysis
  • Reflect student learning by serving as the final product of several years of study and reflection
  • Demonstrate that the student is an insightful consumer of research, and can evaluate theory and research in the field
  • Develop applications to a significant problem
  • Represent a synthesis and application of the literature on a topic
  • Apply the critical evaluation of empirical studies on the topic

The completed thesis should be formatted in accordance with the requirements of the Office of Graduate Studies. See Office of Graduate Studies for forms and deadlines as well as their FAQ on format requirements.

The Report consists of a document with a minimum of 10,000 words and supporting materials as necessary.


Students must have completed 27 hours of coursework AND be entering their final semester.

Registration Requirements:

  1. Identify a faculty supervisor and a 2nd faculty reader
  2. Complete INF 397C: Research in Information Studies, in an earlier semester
  3. Enroll as a student pursuing a Master of Science in Information Studies
  4. Register in INF 398R (Master's Report) by way of the Graduate Coordinator
  5. Download and complete required forms from the Office of Graduate Studies
  6. Complete, gather signatures on, and submit iSchool Master's Report Proposal Form (word | pdf)
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