About PREx

The Preservation Research Exchange (PREx) is a symposium designed by three doctoral fellows to provide an opportunity for scholars to share ideas and research on digital scholarship and preservation. Carol Brock, April Norris, and Katie Pierce are in their third year of doctoral studies at The University of Texas at Austin's School of Information through the generous support of preservation fellowships from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. They think of digital heritage, broadly, as cultural materials created, kept, and shared digitally and want to encourage researchers who design and use digital technology in their scholarship to engage in a discussion about connections between their work and cultural heritage preservation.

The Symposium Planning Committee wishes to acknowledge and offer a sincere thank you to:

The Graduate Student Assembly of The University of Texas at Austin for their generous financial support of the symposium.

Dean Andrew Dillion, the Adminsitrative and IT staff, and faculty members Dr. Patricia Galloway and Dr. Philip Doty of The School of Information at the University of Texas for their support and guidance.

Fellow IMLS Doctoral Preservation Fellowship recipients: Snowden Becker, Craig Blaha, Lorrie Dong, Sarah Kim, and Virginia Luehrsen for their assistance and encouragement.

The volunteers that helped make the symposium a success.

And to the

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) for thier continued support of the IMLS Doctoral Preservation Fellowship program.