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Kim Smith


Kim has had careers in both academia and the computer industry. He has taught at Cal State Hayward, Montana State University, Rhode Island School of Design, and Texas Tech University. At Texas Tech, he taught in both the Department of Art and in the Fine Arts Doctoral Program. The latter combined the disciplines of music, theater and the visual arts. Also while at Tech, Kim originated an experimental electronic arts project called “TV on TV” that, between 1984 and 1990, produced short form video works for broadcast, many by nationally known video artists.

In 1990, Kim left Tech to pursue a career in the newly emerging fields of multi-media and user interface design. Since then, Kim has held senior positions in these fields with the Tandy Corporation, AST Research, Gateway and Ceira Technologies. At Gateway, Kim designed the interface for Gateway’s “Destination PC/TV,” an early attempt at digital convergence appliances. Kim holds 20 US Utility Patents; in 1999, Gateway named one of his patents its most valuable patent for that year.

Kim’s principal and continuing interest is in exploring the uniquely expressive potential of digital media.

BA in Painting (minors in art history and literature), University of Washington, 1966; MA in Painting, University of California at Berkeley, 1969; PhD in Semiotics and Art History, Brown University, 1983.

Year Semester Course Number Course Title
2013 Fall INF 385H Digital Media Design
2012 Fall INF 385H Digital Media Design
2011 Fall INF 385H Digital Media Design
2010 Fall INF 385H Digital Media Design
2009 Fall INF 385H Digital Media Design
2008 Fall INF 385H Digital Media Design
2007 Fall INF 385H Digital Media Design
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