Zhen Wang

MSIS Student

Class of 2016

I previous majored in computer engineering, focusing on how to implement and make things functional. However, I found it difficult to make users interact with the application I developed, in effect, they were reluctant to use it. I began to understand that it is very important to make an application more intuitive and user-friendly. I believe that's one of the biggest reasons why Apple is growing so fast in the past few years and that's why I chose to learn more about user experience.

The iSchool has faculty members whose expertise are in the fields of user experience and usability, both from an academic and an industrial standpoint. After going through each of their profiles, they have the skills and knowledge to train me to become a UX professional.

Instead of giving exams in class, iSchool provides a climate for group collaboration and projects, typically, these projects last for the whole semester. Through the projects, I learned to use different tools and methodologies from teammates and professor. And in my opinion, projects are the best practice and enhancement for knowledge. Some projects are related to the industry, which can help me get an idea of industrial work environment. Moreover, the iSchool invites corporates to give an information session about their company.

The people who have impacted me are faculties and teammates. Out of the class, faculties are available for students to ask questions and chat for future career. They provide advice, and introduce us to new people who may help us. Meanwhile, teammates are often very helpful. As in iSchool, students usually come from different background. We can always learn from each other, to gain new knowledge and skills.


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