Shambhavi Srivastava

MSIS Student

Class of 2017

I have forever been in awe of visionaries who have led technology through intelligent innovations and have executed their visions to make the world a better place to live. I don’t find myself contended with any other bliss than to make a functional engineering system possible that I design, build and accomplish by resourcefully applying my software knowledge. Through the four years of working as an Information Technology (IT) software developer, I have continually realized that usability of a technological idea is just as important as the idea’s adept architecture and design.

By pursuing a Master‘s degree at iSchool, I look forward to propel my career to the next level by gaining an advanced understanding of information systems in which data, business and technology are envisioned as a coupled entity. I am particularly interested about the diverse courses offered in the fields of database management and UX designing.

The curriculum of iSchool offers the opportunity to take (12) graduate credit elective courses and provides me with considerable freedom to study some exciting courses such as big data analysis, business of cloud computing and data science analysis. Further, the Capstone design project option will give me ample opportunity to utilize my theoretical knowledge in industry and devise technical solutions that integrate information technology and business needs. While working under the guidance of expert professors and talented pool of students within the diverse environment at the university, the Master's program in iSchool will provide a major gateway to shape my career focused on development of information systems related technology.


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