Danni Wang

MSIS Student

Class of 2016

When I applied to Master's programs in China, I got three offers from USC, UT, and IUPUI. The first one is a CS program and the other two are focused on HCI. I am more passionate on UX design than on coding, that is why I chose iSchool at UT, considering Austin is such a good city to live. During summer 2015, I interned at SunGard Financial Systems as a visual design intern. I have also volunteered at SXSW Music Panels Crew, Designing for Digital Conference and F1 USGP Sustainability Crew.

In iSchool, I have taken courses such as Advanced Usability, Interaction Design, Information Architecture and Design, Visualization, Presenting Information and Design Thinking. I gained a lot of academic experience for my UX career during the classes, especially the team projects. Some courses, such as Interaction Design, allows students from other departments to register. So you can cooperate with people from diverse backgrounds.

Also, Tara's team is very helpful in reviewing resume, cover letter, and personal statement. iSchool Career Workshop and Speed Interviewing helped me to practice interview skills. And iCareer is worth to check job and internship information.

I was influenced by my advisor, Dr. Bias a lot. He guided me to select courses for my first semester at iSchool and gave me the opportunity to be the TA of INF385P Usability.

The big strengths of iSchool include that students have flexibility in selecting courses, we can take up to twelve (12) upper-division undergraduate credits outside iSchool with the permission of advisors.


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