Allen Fernandes

MSIS Student

Class of 2017

I have always been interested in databases and web development. I have worked as a software engineer for 2 years and have good knowledge of back-end web development using programming languages like Java. A masters at the iSchool would help me get a deeper understanding in the field of user experience and databases. The iSchool has the resources to help me reach this goal. Moreover, what makes iSchool the perfect choice is that it is in Austin, the live music capital of the world and an upcoming Tech hub.

iSchool students come from different regions of the world, which gives me an opportunity to work with a diverse set of people. This has helped me improve my communication skills immensely and has also strengthen my understanding of other cultures around the world . Working on projects more than theoretical knowledge has helped me grow intellectually and technically. The career development team has enabled me to grow as a professional.

It is just my first year at the iSchool and I have already learnt a lot from my professors, colleagues and co-workers. Matthew Lease, my graduate advisor helped me understand what courses would be really beneficial to me and my growth. I currently work in the IT suite at the iSchool under the guidance of Sam Burns. Sam is really friendly, helpful and makes sure his team is happy. I am sure I will be constantly growing as a professional under his guidance. Toyin and Yang, my collegaues in the IT suite are my motivators, always helping me learn new stuff from content creation to UX design. I am also constantly learning new things from my classmates each day.

There are many factors which make the School of Information one of the best information schools. The faculty is one of the best, they are really friendly and come from various fields and majors so you always have someone you can approach. The iSchool allows its students to tailor the course as per their requirements and the graduate advisors are always available to guide you on which courses will best suite you. The courses are also more practical in nature and more emphasis is given on project work .The career development team prepares you for the corporate world right from day one, with tips and seminars on writing resumes, cover letters and attending fairs.


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