Accreditation Program Committee

Charge: Develop the MSIS program submission to COA and co-ordinate logistics of site team visit to School in Spring 2014.

  • Andrew Dillon (chair)
  • Philip Doty
  • Lynn Westbrook
  • Dona Kurtz
  • Carla Criner
  • Tara Iagulli
  • + faculty members as needed for specific standards

Awards & Admissions

Charge: Standing committee charged to process the applicant pool, to determine admissions of incoming cohorts, and to allocate relevant student awards and support.

  • Carla Criner (chair)
  • Unmil Karadkar
  • Philip Doty
  • Lynn Westbrook (as Graduate Advisor)
  • Lecia Barker
  • with Carol Carreon, Terry Giles. Ken Fleischmann (as Director of Doctoral Program) and Andrew Dillon as required


Charge: As well as handling routine curricular developments and initiatives, this committee must continue to oversee the development of the new core curriculum and liaise closely with the accreditation committee this year. Examination of teaching loads, uses of adjuncts and policies on teaching evaluation fall under this committee also.

  • Loriene Roy (chair)
  • Bill Aspray
  • Randolph Bias (on leave Fall 2013)
  • Tanya Clement
  • Melissa Ocepek (Doctoral Student)
  • 1 Student Select By SASI

Development & Outreach

Charge: Facilitate alumni networking and oversee marketing and outreach of the iSchool to employers and donors.

  • Cassie Alvarado (chair)
  • Sam Burns
  • Tara Iagulli
  • Amber Shah
  • Terry Giles
  • Dona Kurtz
  • 2 or 3 students elected by SASI

Doctoral Studies

Charge: This committee handles recruitment and initial evaluation of doctoral applicants up to recommendation for admission, organizes the annual doctoral student review cycle, and works with the Director of the Doctoral Program on all matters related to developing and advancing our doctoral student experience.

  • Ken Fleischmann (chair & director)
  • James Howison
  • Patricia Galloway
  • Katie Pierce Meyer (Doctoral Student)
  • Jane Gruning (Doctoral Student)

Executive Education

Charge: Advance the design and delivery of our new executive and continuing education program.

  • Diane Bailey (chair)
  • James Howison
  • Sam Burns
  • Cassie Alvarado (as Chair of Development and Outreach Committee)
  • Ann Seago
  • Andrew Dillon

Extended Budget Council

Charge: Advise the dean and help develop policy on relevant school matters; conduct annual faculty reviews; oversee promotion and tenure and post-tenure review processes.

Members: All tenured faculty.

Chair to be elected at first meeting

Graduate Studies Committee

Charge: Set relevant policy and make decisions affecting the school's operations.

Members: All tenured and tenure track faculty, plus invited members.

Chair: Diane Bailey

IT Committee

Charge: Review and advance the administrative, instructional and research IT operations at the school.

  • Matt Lease (chair)
  • Ciaran Trace
  • Shane Williams
  • Quinn Stewart
  • 1 student elected by SASI

Research Environment

Charge: Plan and coordinate the colloquia and speaker series at the school.

  • Melanie Feinberg (chair)
  • Ciaran Trace
  • Yan Zhang

Space Committee

Charge: Oversee the management and utilization of classroom, offices, labs, and shared spaces at UTA.

  • Dona Kurtz (chair)
  • Barbara Immroth
  • Quinn Stewart
  • Aaron Ulmer
  • 1 student elected by SASI

Ad Hoc Committees:

Ad Hoc Committees will be created as needed


  • Bill Aspray (chair)
  • additional GSC members as requested

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