Position Title: UX Strategist
Employer: Avention
Degree/Year: MSIS, 2006

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Will Meurer

"All of the courses I took at the iSchool taught me better ways to consider and approach problems."

Will Meurer has been in software development since finishing his degree at the iSchool. He currently works for Spiceworks in Austin. He is a User Interface Developer working in design, usability analysis, and implementation for their browser-based IT management software.

Will graduated in 2003 from the University of Houston, where he majored in Information Systems. After graduating, he spent the next six months, as a full time IT Specialist for a local Houston software company. With an undergraduate degree in Information Systems, a passion for user experience and design, work experience in the software industry, additional freelance work in web development, and having used a few too many poorly designed ATMs, he just had to get involved in improving the user experience.

All of the courses he took at the iSchool such as Organizing and Providing Access to Information, Usability, Research and Statistics, Health Information Resources, Library Reference Resources and Services, and Information Architecture taught him better ways to think about and approach problems. The iSchool taught him to examine perspectives beyond his own, especially the viewpoints and experiences of those served by his information resources.

Immediately after graduating from the iSchool, he started working at Idera in Houston, TX, as a software tester and usability analyst. In 2008, Will moved back to Austin to get into web development and user experience. He worked at Mumboe, a small startup, and now as of August 2010, he works for Spiceworks as what he likes to refer to as a "UI Guy."

Sometimes his work focuses on programming, sometimes it's visual design, but his primary concern is always making the user experience better. When he gets user feedback like, "Man, you've just made my job so much easier," it makes it worth the pains it took to get to the final product. Surprising and delighting people who did not realize how much easier user-centered design can make their lives is a very rewarding experience for Will. He likes good products and web experiences, and his job is to give provide people with positive and useful interactions when they work with software or user interfaces.

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