Position Title: UX Designer
Employer: Q2ebanking
Degree/Year: MSIS, 2012
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Susie Herbstritt

“One of the best aspects of being an iSchooler is that you have an instant professional network.”

Susie Herbstritt is the Senior Interaction Designer with the Experience Design Group at Dell. She works on the user experience team for both consumer and enterprise hardware products, which cover a wide variety of projects areas such as security, hardware enablement, and wireless solutions. She even works with teams spread across the US, Taiwan, and Singapore, “so there’s never a dull moment!”

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Italian Studies from UT Austin, Susie moved to Italy where she washed dishes, taught English as a foreign language, and eventually designed and built a website as a project manager for an architecture studio. Even though this was her first experience building a website, she found this introduction to information architecture and usability inspiring enough to “leave behind la dolce vita and go back to school!” At the iSchool, she tailored her coursework around user experience. She also found Diane Bailey’s Management for Information Professionals course useful for practical communication skills that she uses every day.

According to Susie, one of the best aspects of being an iSchool student is, “that you have an instant professional network. The people you’re suffering through group projects with now are the ones that are going to be your best connections after graduation.” Indeed, many of Susie’s former classmates work in all areas of user experience, including tech-writing, user research, web development, and interaction design.

To current iSchool students, Susie advises putting together a career plan with the help of the Career Development Office. She thanks the Director, Tara, for putting her “on a path that made me a more competitive job candidate.” She also recommends attending career fairs, not only for the chance to meet recruiters, but also to gain vital interviewing and networking experience.

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