Position Title: Emerging Technologies Librarian
Employer: Norris Medical Library, University of Southern California
Degree/Year: MSIS, 2007

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Jin Wu

"The usability class I took at the iSchool taught me how to think outside the box."

Jin Wu came to the iSchool as an international student from China eager to build a career in information technologies. After graduating from the iSchool in 2007, Jin Wu developed a diversified and enriched career path in the field. She currently works at the University of Southern California Norris Medical Library as an Emerging Technologies Librarian. Her main responsibilities include tracking trends, investigating new developments and applications, and incorporating appropriate technologies into the library environment to improve library services. She also leads training sessions to help library staff expand their informational skills and encourage the integration of technology into the library's physical and virtual presence.

Looking back, she feels the usability class at the iSchool was particularly helpful for her career. Not only did it teach her how to lead usability tests, but it also taught her how to think outside the box. She often finds herself applying the usability principles when designing user-friendly websites, creating signs, and making library tutorials.

Her undergraduate major was in Information Management and Information Systems. Having developed a strong curiosity and appetite for knowledge in information technologies as an undergraduate, she went straight to graduate school. The courses she took and the tight-knit community at the iSchool further assured her determination to choose academic librarianship as her career. Thanks to the mentor program, internship opportunities, working as a TA in the computer lab and a Graduate Research Assistant at the PCL, she decided to devote her passion and skills to facilitate learning, teaching, and research. She is grateful for the many informative career sessions and for other valuable assistance the iSchool Career Services Office offered.

Jin finds that the most appealing part of her job is the constant challenge of working with emerging technologies. As the technology expert in the library, she has to keep up with the latest developments in the ever-changing world of social and information technology. Although demanding, this job inspires her to be creative and improvise ways to incorporate new technologies into the library environment, thereby easing access to information.

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