Position Title: Senior Experience Design Consultant
Employer: ThoughtWorks
Degree/Year: MSIS, 2010

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Doug Stuart

“The thing that makes my job interesting is that I invented it.”

Doug Stuart graduated from the iSchool in May 2010. But around the time he started in 2007, to help pay the bills he got a job with Shipley & Associates, a consulting firm that works mostly for plaintiff law firms in large cases. Doug started part-time, doing research that mainly involved looking over media sources for information on complex topics, but soon turned the work into a full-time job as a researcher.

Doug didn't follow a particular track at the iSchool, but took many different courses. And whether it was children's literature, information architecture, databases or something else, over time, Doug found that he was learning skills at the iSchool that he could apply at his job, solving problems that the firm didn't even realize they had. Eventually he was able to structure a new position, which he continued to work after graduating.

"The thing that makes my job interesting is that I invented it. There was absolutely nothing of the sort at Shipley when I came on," Doug says. "I just saw that I could improve on some of their products, and so I did. I'd build an interactive map or timeline and just give it to them with the suggestion that maybe the client would appreciate the work, and eventually the higher-up people here realized that I should be spending less time doing research and more time manipulating the information gleaned from the research."

As director of information design, Doug is involved with a movement of all Shipley's data to a new info system. He creates visualizations for large data sets to make information more understandable for clients, and designs websites and social media strategies for projects. "It's just fun!" he says. "I've always liked maps and graphs and things, and I'm getting paid to do stuff I really enjoy."

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