Position Title: Business Development & Marketing
Employer: Anand Electroplaters
Degree/Year: MSIS, 2005

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Anuj Nanavati

“I found my calling studying usability after graduating with my bachelors in computer science.”

When Anuj Nanavati graduated with a bachelor's of Computer Science from Nirma Institute of Technology in India, he wasn't sure exactly what he wanted to do next. He came to the iSchool straight from undergrad, and it wasn't until taking a usability class from Dr. Randolph Bias that he found his calling. Anuj found the exposure to industry in Bias' classes extremely helpful - visits from people working in business and an industry-level project gave him an idea of how companies are integrating usability across their departments.

After working as a summer intern at NVIDIA, a visual graphics company in Santa Clara, California, Anuj was hired full-time as a User Experience Researcher. At his current role, Anuj is responsible for planning and executing various types of user research activities and traditional usability testing to improve end-user experience of NVIDIA products.

In the past five years at NVIDIA, Anuj has been especially excited to see a change in how user-centered design is viewed in the company. When he first started, many people hadn't heard of usability testing and were mainly thinking about products from a technology or marketing requirements point of view. They are now more sensitive to user requirements and asking his team to get involved right from the early stages of product development life-cycle. Anuj also enjoys the wide range of NVIDIA hardware, software, and Web products he gets to work on.

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