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Tara Iagulli Published on National Career Development Association

Tara Iagulli, Director of Career Development, published “What’s Love Got to Do with…Careers?” on NCDA (National Career Development Association).

“With a focus on professional development education and the recent trend towards coaching and advising models within university career services, the personal counseling elements of career development are at risk of falling out of practice. Over a decade of career development work with college students, along with anecdotal and growing empirical support, demonstrate to me that clients’ significant others have become an increasingly salient variable in their career decision-making.”

"The growing body of research on Emerging Adulthood (e.g., Domene, et al, 2012; Jay, 2012) indicates that developmental trajectories do not evolve in isolation from one another making this a particularly sensitive time for psychosocial maturation. The twenties (Emerging Adulthood) are a critical period in not only starting a career, but also in finding a partner and even starting a family (Jay, 2012). Other research shows that relationships influence career decision-making for both genders (Mortimer, 2010). Furthermore, career success also depends on relationships since “social capital are increasingly important in the contexts of market work” (Arnold & Cohen, 2008)."

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Sept. 2, 2015