Info Session_Grad
Thursday Nov. 7
Prospective Graduate Student Online Info Session
1 to 2 p.m.

Our Master of Science in Information Studies (MSIS) degree offers a pathway to diverse, high-demand information careers. This interdisciplinary professional program attracts students from an array of undergraduate and professional backgrounds, including business, psychology, anthropology, engineering, art history, music, and architecture. 

Our graduate dual degree programs are structured so that a student can pursue academic work in Information Studies and an additional field of study while fulfilling the requirements of both degrees in approximately three academic years. In programs leading to two master’s degrees, the degrees are awarded simultaneously. 

School librarians have a broad influence on teaching and learning across the grade levels. They collaborate with teachers to plan, teach, and assess inquiry-based projects, integrating information literacy skills and technology tools at point of need in the curriculum. They engage students and the broader school community in excellent and entertaining books and exciting literacy programs to cultivate a culture of reading and promote skills and attitudes for life-long learning. School librarians make books and digital resources available for all students, equalizing information access across the school community.