INF 335W - Information in Cyberspace

Spring 2016
Unique ID: 27415
Syllabus:   Syllabus
Prof:  Blaha, Craig

An overview of the history and social impact of Internet, Web, and other network technologies. Students will learn methods and tools of media creation with an emphasis on technological self-sufficiency.

Web-based instruction; no class meetings.

Only one of the following may be counted: Information Studies 312, 335C, 335W.

*effective fall 2016, INF 335W has been discontinued and merged with INF 335C.

Information in Cyberspace (INF335W) is a course designed for undergraduate students that provides an overview of the history and social impact of Internet and Web technology. INF335W emphasizes technology self-sufficiency and information literacy.
The purpose of this course is to prepare students to think about information technology in a critical, thoughtful manner. The goal is to pull back the curtain on some of the inner workings of information technology and empower students to navigate confidently through information spaces in networked environments.

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