Students George Royer And Jo Lammert's Novel New Fantasy Game Featured In The Austin American-Statesman

White Whale Games

Doctoral student George Royer and recent MSIS graduate Jo Lammert were recently featured in the Austin American-Statesman for their work on a new fantasy game for IOS devices called God Of Blades. The game is the planned first release from the gaming studio co-founded by Royer (Lammert is the Studio Director) called White Whale Games.

God Of Blades is rooted in the fantasy genre, "an epic retro-fantasy, sword and sorcery saga", but the game's storyline that has "players assume the role of a nameless spectral king standing resolute against the march of a devouring, void-crazed horde on a dying world", is intended to provoke deeper questions about the loss of stories, culture, and tradition. The game will rely heavily on geolocation data and will include a feature for players to unlock special game content by visiting libraries.

For more, please read the full article in the Austin American-Statesman.

Posted: 02/27/2012

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