Texas Legacy Project Wins Award

Launched as an experiment in the use of broadband streaming media to provide online access to archival audio and video original source materials, the Conservation History Association of Texas "Texas Legacy Project Records" at the Briscoe Center for American History has won the ArchivesNext award for the "Most Innovative Archive on the Web".

An email exchange between Quinn Stewart of the School of Information and David Todd of the Conservation History Association in 2002 sparked the project's creation, which gradually evolved and expanded through the work of hundreds of iSchool students in various classes across the curriculum. An ongoing research collaboration with Dr. Grete Pasch and Rodrigo Arias of GLIFOS.com in Guatemala developed several versions of rich-media software, which combines the utility of a book (table of contents, indices, etc.) with the power of interactive, networked media sources. Students of Grete Pasch, Quinn Stewart, Philip Doty, Gary Geisler, Luis Francisco-Revilla, Bill Aspray and Yan Zhang created indices, synchronized transcripts, and developed geographic information sources using several generations of GLIFOS software, eventually resulting in the cross-platform, multiple-browser, searchable, rich-media archive of some 200 hours of video interviews with Texas conservationists. The Briscoe Center for American History has long archived physical copies of the video source materials, and the rich-media collection was transferred to their care in 2009, and completed by Zach Vowell and Linda Newland. The archive will continue to expand with help from the School of Information students, faculty, and IT Services staff. There remain multiple opportunities for research, Capstone projects, and class involvement with this ongoing collaboration between the software developers at GLIFOS, the Briscoe Center for American History, the Conservation History Association of Texas, and the School of Information.

For more information, please contact Quinn Stewart at

Posted: 08/16/2010

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