LIFT Award to Professor Lease

Professor Matt Lease is one of only five recipients of a Longhorn Innovation Fund for Technology (LIFT) grant at UT His proposal (with TACC and the College of Liberal Arts) is entitled: Enabling Data-Intensive Research and Education at UT Austin via Cloud Computing.

This proposal team envisions the University of Texas at Austin as a pioneer institution in scientific discovery and education based on cloud computing. While UT already has many of the necessary raw ingredients to achieve this vision, an additional investment in cloud computing infrastructure and training is needed to bring together existing resources and personnel to make this vision a reality. The proposal uses an existing TACC computer cluster augmented with distributed storage (local hard drives) and open-source "Hadoop" software, which will together enable cloud computing. Faculty, students, and staff will work collaboratively to develop campus-wide cloud computing expertise at UT via a program of research talks, training workshops, course offerings, and online documentation.


  • Jason Baldridge, College of Liberal Arts
  • Matthew Lease, School of Information
  • Weijia Xu, Texas Advanced Computing Center


Colin Bannard, and Katrin Erk, College of Liberal Arts, Linguistics; Matt Cohen, College of Liberal Arts, English; Inderjit Dhillon, Dianel P. Miraker, Raymond Mooney, and Pradeep Ravikumar, College of Natural Scienes, Computer Science; Joydee Ghosh, Cockrell School of Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Michael Marder, College of Natural Sciences, Physics; Russell Poldrack, College of Liberal Arts, Psychology


Proposal (requires UT EID and password)

For further information, contact Professor Lease at the School of Information

Posted: 08/04/2010

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