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March 2014 Newsletter

  1. Recent iSchool NewsFaculty Profile: Karen Wickett, iSchool Alumna Honored at the White House , SHE++ Advancing Women in Technology; & more

  2. Student ProfilesKatie Thomas

  3. DevelopmentiSchool Receives Foundation Scholarship Grant

SHE++ Advancing Women in Technology

1. Recent iSchool News   Top ↑

Karen Wickett

Faculty Profile: Karen Wickett

When she was in the second grade, Karen Wickett won the "What the Library Means to Me" essay contest.

It's not an honor she lists on her CV, and she laughs when she remembers how she worked a reference to elephants into the piece.

But her essay included a prescient observation about libraries: "There is a whole world in there to discover."
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iSchool Alumna Honored at the White House

Carolyn Foote at the White House with President Obama

Some educators at a White House gathering said they were hesitant at first to bring new technology into their classrooms. Austin's Eanes school district librarian Carolyn Foote said her attitude has always been, "Why not?" Foote said the "aha moment" where she understood the importance of iPads was while working with a disabled student. He didn't have the fine motor skills to turn the pages of books, but he could flip through pages on an iPad. It gave the student a level of independence he never had before, and Foote wanted to share that independence with all students.

Foote received her school librarian specialization through the iSchool's Standard School Certificate Librarian (SSLC) Program.
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SHE++ Advancing Women in Technology

Sometimes just hearing another woman's experience can plant the seed of possibility.

That's what Marcia McIntosh, a second-year student, found last year when she attended a screening and discussion of the documentary She++. The event, organized by the iSchool's AWIT (Advancing Women in Technology) committee, revealed some troubling statistics. In 2009, the film reports, women earned 52 percent of the math and science degree in the U.S. but only 18 percent of technology-related degrees.
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iSchool Careers: Speed Interviewing

When Stefanie Roberts froze up on the first question of the Speed Interviewing event in February, the irony wasn't lost on her.

The question? "What makes you an effective communicator, and what can you do to improve your communication?"

Roberts, who started at the iSchool in January, recovered, gave her answer and, more importantly, received constructive feedback. Then, feeling more poised, she moved on to another table where a different interviewer threw another question at her. Within an hour, she had fielded 12 questions from 12 different people.
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Speed Interviewing

2. Student Profile   Top ↑

Katie Thomas

When Katie Thomas arrived for library volunteer orientation at Casis Elementary School four years ago, she struck veteran librarian Barbara Nichols as quiet and unassuming.

Nichols remembers mentioning - almost as an afterthought - that she could use some help with the Halloween display case. And suddenly, this unassuming volunteer unleashed a creative force that Nichols said transformed the library. It didn't end with Halloween. Thomas kept delivering - creating robots with the students for one author' visit; a circus theme for another.

"The bigger the idea, the more she is on board, "Nichols said. "She is a dreamer, an optimist. She has boundless energy and a great sense of humor."
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Katie Thomas

3. Development   Top ↑

iSchool Receives Foundation Scholarship Grant

H.W. Wilson Foundation

The Board of The Board of Directors of the H.W. Wilson Foundation awarded the School of Information a new $10,000 scholarship grant for 2014 in support of education in library and information science. Since 1957, H.W. Wilson has supported library and information science schools accredited by the American Library Association. The program will grant a total of $580,000 through 2015 to support students in the United States and Canada. The schools may distribute the grant in accordance with their own scholarship criteria as well as divide the sum to accommodate particular needs. In addition to UT-Austin’s iSchool, other institutions receiving the Wilson grants for 2014 include University of North Texas, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Kent State University, and Simmons College, among others.