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April 2012 Newsletter

  1. Recent iSchool NewsiSchool Dean and Professors Present Austin Forum, Doug Oard to give Schneider Lecture, & more

  2. Student Spotlight iSchoolYou Podcast: Librarians @ SXSW and iSchool student, Paul Vinelli's, SXSW 2012 wrap-up

  3. Alumni News & ProfilesSigrid Kelsey, on being an Electronic Reference Services and Web Coordinator at LSU

  4. Development & Giving Nancy Eaton pledges $100,000 gift to the iSchool

  5. Upcoming EventsiSchool Open House, Upcoming events in the iSchool and in the information fields.

Dean's Word

deans word

Andrew Dillon

I argued during an Austin Forum presentation this month that the study of information claims no single disciplinary approach and that our faculty are, by necessity, the most intellectually diverse group on campus. As we near the end of the Spring 2012 semester and prepare to graduate the next generation of information scholars and professionals, you will no doubt see this diversity on display in the features of this month's newsletter and in the projects our faculty and students will have on display at our annual Open House on May 4th. I'd once again like to invite and encourage everyone to attend this event and come see how we're shaping and impacting the study of information at the Texas iSchool.

1. Recent iSchool News   Top ↑

Austin Forum Presentation

Dean Dillon, Randolph Bias, & Diane Bailey Present Forum On People, Objects, & Information

Designing a product well requires knowledge of the user and knowledge of the product-as-object. Advances in communication technology, including computational software, simulation tools and social media, place an increasing wealth of information in the hands of designers about users and objects. The challenge of modern product design is to harness that wealth of information.

This talk covers issues in how to design successfully in an information-rich world by breaking the process into three parts: 1) understanding how users process information in information-rich environments; 2) understanding how we think of objects as they become increasingly digital and virtual via new technologies; and 3) understanding how users interact with physical and virtual objects. The panel will consider the broader implications for design as well as what happens when design falters in any one of these three areas.

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Douglas W. Oard to give Schneider Distinguished Lecture Tuesday, May 1st

Modern search technology evolved as a way of shifting the locus of control over information dissemination away from creators and publishers and closer to the ultimate consumers of that content. Today, however, we are increasingly applying the same technology to what we might call "conversational content" – content that was originally created with interaction rather than dissemination as the principal goal. Some obvious examples include recorded meetings, recorded lectures, oral history interviews, and lifelogging. Conversations are, however, not limited to the spoken word; we find them in email, instant messaging, and Twitter as well. This is no small challenge – by any reasonable way of counting almost all of the words produced on the planet are generated through conversation.

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Doug Oard

Douglas W. Oard

Edible Book Festival: Room for Readers, Eaters, and Wit

Have you ever eaten your words? Not like this, you haven't.

Surely the wackiest of UT events, the Edible Book Festival brought in avid readers and amateur chefs to bake—and later on, to consume—sweet homages to their favorite books.

The 10th annual event was sponsored by the UT School of Information and held at the Perry-Castañeda Library plaza on Sunday. The guidelines for the entries are that they must be book-related and consumable. Seventeen creations were entered and judged by attendees.
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Edible Book Festival

2012 Spring Open House

The annual iSchool Open House is taking place this Friday, May 4th from 12-4PM. The Open House will feature student capstone presentations, including Professional Experience Projects, Theses, Masters Reports and Library Practica. There will also be demonstrations and presentations of student works in progress and lab tours. A full list of student projects is available from the Spring 2012 Open House Website.

Open House

2. Student Spotlight   Top ↑

ISCHOOLYOU - Beyond Traditional: Librarians at South By Southwest

For this episode of iSchool You, our host Rebecca Lawrence braved the crowds at the SXSW Interactive conference (SXSWi) to meet up with Cathleen Ash, the school librarian at Manor High School, and several Manor High students.

Cathleen presented a talk at SXSWi entitled "Guerrilla Marketing @ Your Library," highlighting the ways she has transformed the Manor High School library from a little-used resource to a popular and vibrant part of the school community. To help her present the talk, she invited students Stephanie Williams, Jennifer Reyes, Sergio Esquivel, and Justin Petty, all members of Manor High School's library club.
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iSchool You Podcast

Rowdy Librarians at SXSWi: The Wrap Up

PAUL VINELLI (@pavinelli on Twitter) is one of many librarians that attended, presented, and innovated at the South by Southwest: Interactive Conference in Austin, Texas earlier this month. This year, a group of librarians and other information professionals organized to work together on programming and activities at the SxSWi conference and we've been happy to share the reports from the field. Read Paul's previous posts and follow along at the #sxswLAM Facebook page and Twitter feed. Read more ›

Rowdy Librarians

3. Alumni News & Profiles   Top ↑

Sigrid Kelsey (MLIS 1994)

Electronic Reference Services and Web Development Coordinator, Louisiana State University Libraries

After graduating from college with an English degree, Sigrid Kelsey came to UT with aspirations to be a librarian. When she completed her MLIS in 1994, her first job was as a Reference Librarian at Colorado State University and then later at Whitman College. She has been the Electronic Reference Services and Web Development Coordinator at Louisiana State University Libraries since 1998. She earned tenure in 2004, and was promoted to Full Librarian in 2008. Her job entails overseeing the web site and troubleshooting electronic resources. She is also the subject librarian for Religious Studies.
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Sigirid Kelsey

Houston Alumni & Friends Reception

Thank you to all who joined us at our Alumni and Friends reception in Houston on April 19th!  We were delighted to reconnect with you and we look forward to many more regional alumni events in Texas and beyond.

TLA 2012

Stay Connected

What's newsworthy in your life? Have you changed jobs? Have you been recognized for your work? We want to hear from you! Update us on your current career, location and interesting things happening in your life. Send us an email at alumni@ischool.utexas.edu

4. Development & Giving   Top ↑

Nancy L. Eaton Pledges $100K Gift to the iSchool

Nancy L. Eaton, an information technology expert and an administrator of university libraries with a long and distinguished career, has pledged $100k to benefit the School of Information. The unrestricted gift will enable the iSchool dean to utilize the money in a way that will best serve the school and its priorities.
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Nancy Eaton

5. Upcoming Events   Top ↑

2012 Open House

Google Calendar

The calendar below is a publicly shared Google calendar containing both UT iSchool Events and outside events of interest to a wide array of information professionals. Please feel free to suscribe to or import this calendar into your own Google account or other calendar software.