Dear students, staff, and faculty:

The School of Information aims to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone, and is committed to diversity and inclusion among our students, staff, and faculty. By diversity, we mean people of different backgrounds, beliefs, races, genders, religions, sexual orientations, socio-economic statuses, nationalities, and more. By inclusion, we mean that we welcome, respect, encourage, and engage diverse perspectives, which improve learning and quality of life for all of us. As information professionals, we see and seek to address issues of diversity and inclusion all around us, including problems in recognition, participation, opportunity, and advancement that arise when people have limited access to information and information technologies.

As a school, we’re launching a new initiative to increase our community dialogue about diversity and inclusion so that we might be better prepared individually and as a community to address those problems. We hope you will join in.

To begin our dialogue, we’ll be adding news, events, research, and resources about diversity and inclusion related to our school and our profession on our website. We’ll also be distributing an online survey, organizing talks through our established student professional groups, and holding meetings for students, staff, and faculty. We’re planning a series of events for next year, so please do share your ideas.

The Texas iSchool is a vibrant, enriching, and exciting place to study and work together, and we intend to practice and celebrate what makes us special through this new initiative.

Best regards,

Randolph Bias
Interim Dean and Professor

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