People often ask me what is a school of information, and in particular, what is special about UT’s School of Information? I answer by referring to the remarkable changes in our world that are enabled and amplified by information tools, products and services. I highlight how new information technologies are impacting almost every human endeavor, from the sciences to the arts, from medicine to communication, and how important it is that we do not just accept these changes as the inevitable advance of technology and commerce but that we try to study them, to understand them, and to shape them for human and social benefit.

We do this at the School of Information because we believe there is an important voice missing in all discussions of the new infrastructure of information. This is the human voice, the voice of the user, the citizen, the parent, the child, the individual member of society who’s life is being impacted, constantly, directly and indirectly, by the changes we are experiencing. Old roles are challenged, job titles are shifting, but the need for intelligent approaches to the organization, management and use of information, approaches rooted in the values and legacies of our field, is never greater. Such approaches are what our School of Information fosters.

"Our mission is to shape the field of information studies for human and social benefit and I believe we are on the right path."

I invite you to take some time to learn more about the talents, commitment and achievements of our iSchool family. Our students come from around the nation and the world, and they pursue careers across the information professions, some of which sound familiar, and some of which have yet to be named. Our faculty form the most intellectually diverse graduate program at UT, with scholars from more than twelve disciplines. We study a range of information problems, using multiple methods and theories, but our focus is always on people and how information and its technologies can be better designed to serve them. Our mission is to shape the field of information studies for human and social benefit and I believe we are on the right path. So if you really want to know about the School of Information at UT, read about the people behind our school. Their stories will tell you just what we are and what we are becoming. Get to know the iSchool, I think you’ll like what you see.

Andrew Dillon, iSchool Dean and Professor

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